Consuming Desires

by Anita Sullivan


'Consuming Desires' is one of five short dramas about Brighton Beachuts. Marty is a loser who wants to be a DJ, or at least that's what his girlfriend thinks. But a wild night in Brighton and a close encounter with a beach hut could be set to change all that forever.

A Sweet Talk production broadcast in May 2010. Performed by Frances Barber, Carl Prekopp and Lucinda Cowden. Directed and produced by Karen Rose and broadcast in May 2006.

Duration: 14 minutes.


[A slightly wasted Marty has been lured into a luxurious beach-hut. He has yet to see his husky-voiced hostess.]

VENUS -Close your eyes. I am coming for you now. I will give you everything you desire. You deserve.

MARTY -Oh. Uh- oh.

VENUS -Don’t fight it. Let yourself drink. Let your spine sink…

[MARTY whimpers]

VENUS -…deep into soft, warm cushions. Limbs become liquid, flow. Breathing heavy, slow.

MARTY -Purr like a kitten.

VENUS -Keep your eyes closed. Look inside. The dark red hollow behind your mind’s eye. Look into your life.

MARTY -Mine.

VENUS -Watch the platinum shimmer.


VENUS -The swimming pool glitter.

MARTY -All mine.

VENUS -Feel my heat.


VENUS -My breath on your cheek

MARTY -Over-ripe.

VENUS -My slow, sanguine, succubus kiss…

[VENUS is about to drain MARTY.]

MARTY -Ughh, huh! No! Get off me… Where are you?

VENUS -Here. All around you.

MARTY -Where? Why can’t see you!

VENUS -You should have kept your eyes shut.

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