The Last Supper of Dr Faustus

by Anita Sullivan
Faustus devil with fruit


'The Last Supper of Doctor Faustus' is a very broad adaptation of Marlow's play. It combines Marlowe's text with original verse, new dialogue and cabaret songs, burlesque dance and a real Satanic mass.

The audience are invited to eat with the eminent Doctor Faustus, and the meal is a crucial part of the show. For their entertainment a cabaret version of Faustus' life story is performed by a company of devils. However, as the evening progresses this celebration of hell takes a sinister turn, for Faustus' time is up and the devil has come for his soul...

'The Last Supper of Doctor Faustus' was performed by Rough Magic (Scotland) on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1996. It was written for and directed by Martin Danziger.

Winner of a Scotsman Fringe First Award.

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes.


MEPHISTOPHILES -Welcome, welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome Humans. We are gathered tonight at the invitation of the famous, Ha! infamous Dr. Faustus to join him in his last supper on earth. Feast your bellies on fine foods and fine wine, feast your eyes upon our cabaret. Enjoy, delight, eat drink and make merry. Take in all the pleasures we can provide. I am your host and hostess, Mephisto to my friends, and these are the cast of spirits....

[The eight devils enter and play with audience].

MEPHISTOPHILES -And for your delectation and delight we bring to you heroes of history: Darius, Alexander, Helen of Troy, Popes, Emperors, castles in the air and chariots drawn by dragons. We promise you the world.

[Picking out individuals in the audience.]

MEPHISTOPHILES -You sir, look like a man who enjoys a glass of wine, am I right? Welcome! And you... only the finest foods for your palate: although anything will do to soak up the pints at 2am on a Friday night, am I right? And you... like a joint, a wee toke: admit it, you're among friends. Ah I can spot them a mile off. Don't disappoint me now. Come to Uncle Mephisto's confessional! And you... ooohh I won't even mention you. Oh we know your secrets, we'd love to keep an eye on it all but frankly there aren't enough hours in the day. So welcome all. We don't judge, we celebrate. Life is for living here and now, at this table tonight. Seize all life has to offer with both hands. Seize your neighbours arse with both hands, we don't care. Treat each moment as your precious last and you will leave a memory like Faustus' stuffed with all worldly experience; a memorial to last four hundred years. Be yourselves darlings, and love each other and everything will be just magic! Tonight, let us honour a great man.

[The Devils perform a raunchy song and dance number through the audience and on the cabaret stage].


"A meal at Mephistopheles' table: a wondrous way of luring the audience a new into the perennially powerful Faust legend. Blood-red soup is more than just a gimmick: it involves all present in a black communion, while the devil presents a cabaret with such stars as the Seven Deadly Sins. The show is full of confidence and panache, sympathy for the devil has rarely been so entertaining." The Scotsman 23/8/96 (Fringe First Reviews)

"Anita Sullivan rewrites Marlow with admirable disrespect... total theatre from soup to nuts." Independent on Sunday 20/8/96 Matthew Sweet.

"The dastardly doctor gets his comeuppance in raunchy, demonic cabaret." The Guardian 19/8/96 Michael Billington.

"Anita Sullivan's profane humour... would shame Ken Russell. A ravishing interpretation that transforms a familiar morality play into eminently digestible Fringe fare." The Evening News. 20/8/96 Liese Spenser


Faustus devil and fruit

A fruity devil (Nathan Rimmel)

Faustus Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy (Leslie Kharma)

Faustus and Mephistophiles

Player-Mephistophiles and Faustus

Faustus contract

Mephistophiles (Andy 7)


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