Gull Therapy

by Anita Sullivan
Seagull yelling


A play about living with aphasia... and seagulls.

'Gull Therapy' is a Sweet Talk production, to be broadcast July 12th 2015. Starring Susan Lynch, Carl Prekopp and Owen Roe. Gull vocals and original music by Eleanor Gamper.

Researched with the support of Connect in London and Hove.

Produced and directed by Karen Rose

Duration: 44 minutes.


[Prequel/flashback. Dan is being blue-lighted to hospital. We can hear the siren, ambulance engine, voice of paramedic distantly. We are with Dan breathing deep, slow through an oxygen mask.]

PARAMEDIC -[To Dan] OK, Dan.

NARRATOR  -In the moments that define us...

PARAMEDIC -[To Dan] Just breathe through the mask.

NARRATOR  -...we are often absent.

PARAMEDIC -[To Dan] That’s it.

NARRATOR  -Voiceless.

PARAMEDIC -[Reporting] Sats up to 87. BP 160 over 90.

NARRATOR  -Calmly…

PARAMEDIC -[Reporting] Pupil of right eye...

NARRATOR -Accepting...

PARAMEDIC -[Reporting] ...still unresponsive.

NARRATOR -...the inevitable.

PARAMEDIC -[To Dan] You’re gonna be fine, just keep breathing...

NARRATOR -In those silent moments, all our past, our future becomes nothing. Just the bare frame...

PARAMEDIC -[To Dan] We’re almost there

NARRATOR -...around an absolute truth.

[Gull cries, flying high above. Sharp fade to silence.]

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