Infinite Possibilities and Unlikely Probabilities

by Anita Sullivan

Scrabble letters spell love


Three 15 Minute Readings for Radio 4 about the probability of the fantastic in an infinite universe. Stories of coincidence, parallity, chaos-theory, uncertainty and love. As we are ourselves, the three stories are connected but stand alone.

  • Vacant Possession. An estate agent challenges the past.
  • Balance. A stick of rock reveals the secret of the Universe.
  • Serving Children. A waiter serves potential futures.

Produced by Jeremy Osbourne, Sweet Talk Productions


For Fran, it had started with the Scrabble sets. Actually, before that, it started with a programme on String Theory. Although if Fran thinks back far enough, it started before she was born.

Her parents talked to her in the womb. They didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl, and told themselves it didn’t matter. But when you start talking about someone, or to someone, you need a name. So they called her ‘Frances’, as that was gender-neutral. Except, when her Dad said her name, he imagined a baby girl. When her mum said it, she imagined a boy. Like Schrodinger’s cat, Fran had to be in one state of being, or the other. But until she was born she was equally both.

When she came out a girl, she became Frances with an ‘e’. Her ‘i’ was removed. This is a terrible thing to take away from a child. But what it gave her, was a deep and personal understanding of parallelity.

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