Rock of Eye

by Anita Sullivan
Rock of Eye palm reading


'Rock of Eye' is an original drama for Radio 4. Three elderly tailors are commissioned to make a bespoke waistcoat, coat and trousers for a very particular customer. The fabric is the most expensive on earth, the contract is diabolical and the deadline is looming. Who is the man inside the suit?

'Rock of Eye' is a BBC Wales production, broadcast July 20th 2011. Starring Malcolm Storry and Catrin Stewart, with Allan Corduner, Stephen Marzella, Liza Sadovy, Claire Cage and Richard Nichols.

Produced by Kate McAll and directed by Anita Sullivan.

Duration: 44 minutes.


[Montage of four voices: Harry, Nathan and Griff are in their studios. Mrs White is measuring Alastair Fraser.]

MRS WHITE  -The bespoke suit is a work of art: a subtle alchemy of enhancement and disguise. The cloth is exclusive, the statement... timeless. A bespoke suit commands respect: it is your passport to power, your armour against exposure. But Kookla Bespoke is about more than just appearances: we ally the most sublime craft and materials money can buy. We never compromise. So. Are you ready for your first consultation?

HARRY      -Tailoring.

MRS WHITE  -Marvellous!

MORRIS     -Tailoring begins...

TAILORS    -...with the numbers.

HARRY      -The measure of the man.

MORRIS     -His figure.

GRIFF      -His tastes.

HARRY      -His requirements.

MORRIS     -His flaws.

GRIFF      -It’s all in the numbers.

TAILORS    -If you know how to look.

MRS WHITE  -Grey chalk-stripe: an excellent choice.

HARRY      -You see who you are.

MRS WHITE  -Alastair Fraser...

MORRIS     -Who you want to be.

TAILORS    -A bespoke suit...

MRS WHITE  -This suit...

ALL        -...will transform you.

MRS WHITE  -It will define your legacy.

[Funeral bell leads into the next scene].


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