by Anita Sullivan


Selfless egg and sperm


Following a motorcycle accident, Drew loses his short-term memory. A stranger who witnessed the accident looks after Drew as he struggles to recover his identity. But the Good Samaritan may have another agenda and the victim may not be entirely innocent. Then a forgotten ex-girlfriend arrives on the scene. A nasty tale of revenge, double-crossing, misconception and Positive Dog-Training.

'Selfless' was a BBC Wales production directed by Kate McAll. It was broadcast as an Afternoon Play in December 2010. It starred Adrian Bower, Mark Meadows and Nisha Nayar

Duration: 44 minutes.


[An A-road, just out of town. A wet Thursday night in October. Owen has knocked Drew off his motorbike. Drew’s unconscious in the road, Owen at his side. Cars pass.]

OWEN  -They’re coming. Said not to move you, keep the helmet on: as long as you’re breathing. You are breathing...? Yes. Good. Keep talking, they said. Don’t even know if you can hear me. Can you? Can you hear me?!

[Drew moans.]

OWEN  -Oh thank God.

[Drew moans.]

OWEN  -You scared the shit out of me! Driving like a maniac. Could have killed us both!

[Drew coughs and tries to sit up.]

OWEN   -No, no: don’t move!

[Drew cries out.]

OWEN   -I think your leg’s broken.

DREW   -What... ?

OWEN   -You came off you motorbike.

[Drew cries out in pain.]

OWEN   -Stay still.

[Drew whimpers.]

OWEN   -What’s your name?

[Drew struggles to think.]
OWEN   -[Slowly.] Do you know your name?

DREW   -Andrew.

[Ambulance siren in the distance.]

OWEN    -Good. That’s good! Ambulance is coming.

DREW    -Wallet.

[Ambulance approaching.]

DREW    -ID.

OWEN    -What?

DREW    -Take my ID!

OWEN    -Why?

DREW    -They. Mustn’t have it.

[Ambulance pulls up.]

OWEN    -Why not?

[Siren goes off.]

DREW    -Please. Help me.

OWEN    -[Sighs, exasperated.] Which pocket?

[Ambulance doors open.]

DREW    -Inside jacket. Hurry!

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