The Bee Maker

by Anita Sullivan
Robot bee



A radio drama about colony collapse, robotic bees and a human apocalypse. A road-movie around the M25.

'The Bee Maker' is a BBC Wales production, broadcast June 16th 2014. Starring Alice Lowe, Harriet Walter and Stuart McLoughlin. With Alun Raglan, John Norton and Claire Cage

Part of Radio 4's 'Dangerous Visions' series.

Produced and directed by James Robinson.

Duration: 44 minutes.


[Debs is on a night flight from LA to Heathrow.]

DEBS   -Nightflight. Transatlantic. Around me, other passengers sleep. But I’m screen-lit, wired. My global network buzzing.

[Montage of urgent voices, her email in-box. Her voice is calm.]

VOICE 1 -deliver by close-of-business, our time.

DEBS  -Always racing to the next deadline, the next sunrise.

VOICE 2  -...confirm critical path for fabrication.

DEBS  -Last week was Almonds, Nappa-Valley.

VOICE 2   -...upload tracking-data ASAP.

DEBS  -Next week: Tasmania. Conference.

VOICE 3 -...take prototype to Alpha-version.

DEBS   -Then apples in Oregon, pears in Sichuan...

VOICE 3 -...field-test navigation coding.

DEBS -...blueberries in Maine.

VOICE 1  -...present at the Apiculture conference.

DEBS -...strawberries, in Spain.

[Memory space, summer countryside.]

DEB   -Somewhere out there, is home. The woodland path, ringing with birdsong. The orchard meadow, humming with bees. The white cottage, beneath a blue sky. Always... just over the horizon.

[Chime of flight tannoy. Deb's starts, back to the present.]

PILOT  -[Passenger anno] Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen. We hope you’ve had a restful flight. The local time now is six-thirteen am, Friday March 7th. We’re about to start our decent into... into, uh...

PILOT  -[Off mic, to co-pilot] Max? Where the hell are we going? Max?

[Engines bank, seatbelt light pings on.]

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